Solway Shipping    


This years second and last naval exercise, Joint Warrior 2, got underway up the coast on the River Clyde where the navies of many nations assembled for the start at Faslane Naval Base, at anchorage in the river, in King George V dock near Braehead shopping centre and in quiet loch's out of the way. On the Sunday the vessels of all types started to proceed to sea for the commencement of the exercise the following day, below is a selection of the ships.
Arriving a bit late, but luckily soon enough to catch the Norwegian submarine UTSIRA, S301, passing in the distance for what was going to be a great start to the day. 

Following close behind was the German auxilliary ship ELBE, A511 and in a hurry to get to sea the Lithuanian minesweeper SKALVIS, M53 (ex HMS COTTESMORE)

The Latvian minesweeper IMANTA
The very modern style of the Norwegian minesweeper MALOY
NARCIS a minesweeper from the Belgium navy.
At anchorage in the river was the French amphibious assault helicopter carrier TONNERRE
The Finnish minelayer UUISMAA
The frigate ALVARES CABRAL representing Portugal

LUDWIGSHAFEN AM RHEIN another frigate, this time from the German navy passing by in perfect conditions.

Still with the frigates, BNS LEOPOLD 1 from Belgium
Pictured departing from the KGV dock ALMIRANTE JUAN DE BORBON
finally, bringing an end to a fantastic day for me was the Canadian CHARLOTTETOWN.