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The news and views of the latest events along the Solway Coast

Ships Expected
Port of Workington     "Arklow Raider" 3rd May
Port of Silloth     "Christa" 13/14th May

An unusual event in Whitehaven Marina as three lifeboats were moored together and a fourth one was in the boatyard. At the rear is the new Shannon class Workington Lifeboat, in the middle is a relief Tyne class that was on duty covering for the previous Workington boat and in the front is a relief Shannon that was covering for the new Workington boat while a "snagging" issue was being carried out at lifeboat headquarters in Poole. The old Workington Tyne class meanwhile is in the boatyard awaiting transport to return it to Poole.

A unique feature to the relief boat, 13-12, is that the number on the hull, RNLI 13-12, is in fact covered in the names of people who have donated money to the RNLI toward the cost of the boat. Its believed £20,000 was raised.
A one off event on April 5th when the new Shannon class Workington Lifeboat arrived (left) accompanied by the out going Tyne class (right) and the Workington Inshore boat (centre) resulted in there being three Workington Lifeboats at the same time. 
An aerial view of the Port of Silloth  taken from 16000 feet.   It's interesting to see the white current of the outgoing tide as it sweeps past the port entrance and demonstrates why the Silloth Pilots need to be wary as they dock a ship.

Workington's new lifeboat arriving, leading the way is the outgoing Tyne class boat "Sir John Fisher"

Maryport annual trawler race is on May 27th (weather permitting) The race commences at 12-30.

Scot LIne, have just launched another ship to add to their expanding fleet. The vessels are regular visitors to Workington with round timber logs and wood pulp bales. The new ship was named Scot Navigator.  more here
Taking a short break from crew training, the Shannon Class lifeboat "Cosandra" has a run around the inner harbour. Intensive lifting trials using a new set up on the lifting crane jib is underway to familiarise the crew in preparation for the arrival of the new Workington Lifeboat which is the same type as "Cosandra" and arrived on the 5th April at 1319hrs. (13-19 is the vessel's official hull number and all the new boats arrive at their new station at the time which matches the hull number)  "Cosandra" from the relief fleet gives the crew a chance to test all aspects of the totally new vessel.
Break over and back to the lifting training.

A none too common sight at the Port of Workington these days is a ship whose cargo is for export. The tanker LS Jamie moored alongside taking on a cargo of fuels for reprocessing elsewhere.  The tanks where the fuels are stored awaiting shipment, can be seen in the background.

"Eemslift Nelli" docked in Workington with a cargo of five brand new locomotives for Direct Rail Services of Carlisle. Built in Spain this is the latest delivery of various types of train for DRS. As the ships cranes lift the loco to swing it onto the railway line alongside of the ship, the weight and balance of the ship changes and will de-stabilise the vessel, so to counter this change in the centre of gravity, a large heavy counter balance weight is fixed onto the side of the ship (seen under the Amasus name)  which alters to match the loco's weight as it is moved.

Local film maker Julia Parks has made an amazing short timelapse film of ships in the Solway Firth ports, watch it  here.

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