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Ships Expected
Port of Workington     
Port of Silloth      "Lady Alida"  20th Aug.  ""Burgtor" 21st Aug.

A operation lasting almost 12 hours saw the trawler "Hansa 1" (ex. "Fredwood 11") escorted back from the Solway Firth by the Workington Lifeboat into the safety of Maryport marina. The alarm was raised at 5 am that the trawler was taking on water and required assistance. The lifeboat put pumps aboard to get the water out and then stood by while the tide came in high enough so that the trawler was able to enter the port. Its believed that the lifeboat crew were supplied with "emergency pies" at lunchtime to stave off hunger having missed breakfast!

Pictured is "Hunteborg" being unloaded in Workington of pipeline for a United Utilities project to transfer water from Thirlmere reservoir in the Lake District to West Cumbria, this is the second of an expected six shipments. Eventually 60 miles of new pipeline will be laid at a cost of £3000 million. The Environment Agency is to withdraw the companies licence to abstract water from Ennerdale Water, which it uses at present, in 2022 to prevent harming protected species.

Problems during the approach to the entrance channel at Workington today resulted in the "Scot Leader" which was bringing in a cargo of logs, hit the breakwater and in doing so lifted the ships bow out of the water. Luckily the tide was still rising and the "Derwent"  the ports pilot/tug boat, was able to pull her clear of the stone blocks. Off course and heading for the breakwater.
Firmly lodged on the concrete blocks. Note angle of the ship.
above photo's courtesy of   cumbriashipphotos

Now clear of the blocks the ship slowly is pulled stern first away and back into the channel.

In the channel and the ship turns to return to sea for another approach.
No problems this time as the "Scot Leader" safely enters.
At low tide the result of the collision is plain to see. The large concrete blocks have been split open with the impact. The channel can be seen to the left of the picture. Damage to the ship would appear inevitable.
Jack up barge "JB 119" is drilling for core samples off St Bees Head for the new proposed coal mining operations.
The penultimate shipment of locmotives, built in Spain for Direct Rail Service who are based in nearby Carlisle,  has arrived in Workington aboard "Eemslift Hendrika". Unusually, on the deck above the hold where the four loco's were located, were ten small craft of various size and type! Sister ship "Eemslift Ellen" arrived on 21st July with the last 3 locomotives completing this order.
A lot of the small craft had to be moved to get access to the hold.
Once some space was made unloading could start
After the four were lifted, the new shiny loco's were shunted onto the main line and departed under tow to Carlisle.
"Eemslift Ellen" having brought the last of the order leaves port.

Local film maker Julia Parks has made an amazing short timelapse film of ships in the Solway Firth ports, watch it  here.

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