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The news and views of the latest events along the Solway Coast

Ships Expected
Port of Workington   "Muhlenau" 24th May  "CEG Cosmos" 24th May
Port of Silloth      "Ashley" 28/29th May  "Jumbo" 28/29th May

Maryport annual trawler race is on May 27th (weather permitting) The race commences at 12-30.

The latest batch of locmotives, built in Spain, has arrived in Workington aboard "Eemslift Hendrika". Unusually, on the deck above the hold where the four loco's were located, were ten small craft of various size and type!
A lot of the small craft had to be moved to get access to the hold.
Once some space was made unloading could start
After the four were lifted, the new shiny loco's were shunted onto the main line and departed under tow to Carlisle.
Job done, sailing on the evening tide bound for Poole with the deck cargo to unload next.
An aerial view of the Port of Silloth  taken from 16000 feet.   It's interesting to see the white current of the outgoing tide as it sweeps past the port entrance and demonstrates why the Silloth Pilots need to be wary as they dock a ship.
An example of the potential problems the pilot docking a ship at Silloth can encounter can be seen below. The strong wind is blowing from left to right as the ship approaches the entrance.
Getting into calmer seas and lining up nicely when...
the wind suddenly hits the large bridge area and starts to push the vessel out of alignment
A collision with the dock entrance looks unavoidable as the angle increases 
Taking swift action the pilot manages to regain control and the ship only gives the wall a glancing blow that resulted in a few scrapes on the hull.
Work is resuming on reinforcing the remainder of the Workington dock wall that was originally supposed to be completed last November but was suspended due to unexpected ground conditions. The small work platform is drilling into the seabed at the walls foundations.
Causing quite a stir In Whitehaven Marina is the 68m long superyacht "Lady M" Capable of 28 knots (30 mph) and with her own helipad the vessel is estimated to be worth $55million and is owned by a Russian billionaire, Alexei Mordashov.  Mr Mordashov is a majority shareholder in Severstal, which is one of Russia's largest producers of iron ore and coking coal and is reported to have close ties to the Russian President Vladimir Putin.
The futuristic looking bridge.
Nice place to have a cocktail or two.

A waterfall panel on the stern.

"Little M" the tender for transferring passengers to the shore when "Lady M" cannot moor and has to go to anchor. The stern of "Lady M" raises to allow storage for the tender.

A very modern looking figurehead.
Dwarfing the equally impressive Sunseeker yacht on the right of the picture.

An unusual event in Whitehaven Marina as three lifeboats were moored together and a fourth one was in the boatyard. At the rear is the new Shannon class Workington Lifeboat, in the middle is a relief Tyne class that was on duty covering for the previous Workington boat and in the front is a relief Shannon that was covering for the new Workington boat while a "snagging" issue was being carried out at lifeboat headquarters in Poole. The old Workington Tyne class meanwhile is in the boatyard awaiting transport to return it to Poole.

A unique feature to the relief boat, 13-12, is that the number on the hull, "RNLI 13-12", it is in fact covered in the names of people who have donated money or supporters of the RNLI who have had their name nominated.
The complex looking helmsman steering position
A one off event on April 5th when the new Shannon class Workington Lifeboat arrived (left) accompanied by the out going Tyne class (right) and the Workington Inshore boat (centre) resulted in there being three Workington Lifeboats at the same time. 

Local film maker Julia Parks has made an amazing short timelapse film of ships in the Solway Firth ports, watch it  here.

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