Solway Shipping    


A selection of the 58 vessels that have been involved with the construction of the windfarm.

The smallest vessel used during the construction (for survey work) was "Energy 1"
Multratug 17
Union Sapphire
Voe Viking giving a good demonstration why a square bow is not a good idea for ships!
At the other end of the size scale is Sea Worker (ex. JB109) seen here on the beach at Flimby preparing where the power lines from the windfarm come ashore. Note the digger on the beach to give a better idea of the size.
Crew transfer boat "Windcat 3"
Multratug 7
Dutch Partner
Ocean Wind 3
Pictured in May 2009 is the  Danish vessel "Aase Madsen."   After the wind turbines were in place, this ship carried large rocks out to them and dropped them around the bases to stop the tides scouring the seabed away from the  installations.