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The news and views of the latest events along the Solway Coast

Ships Expected
Port of Workington    "CEG Cosmos" 16th Oct.  "Scot Mariner"  17th Oct.  "Norman" 22nd Oct.
Port of Silloth     "Mekhanik Pustoshnyy"  21st Oct.

A Look Back...After the transporting of criminals to Australia ended in 1868, a fleet of over 800 ships that had been used for the job were made redundant. About 164,000 people had been deported from when the practice had started in 1788. One of the ships used, "Louisa" had been built in Workington. The redundant convict ship pictured here in 1908 at Workington, visited various ports around the country as a tourist attraction, visitors could board and see the cells e.t.c and have their picture taken for free...on a Sunday.
Work is underway on the Robin Rigg windfarm in the Solway Firth to dump rocks around the bases of the turbines to prevent the strong tidal currents from scouring the sand away and destabilising the whole turbine above. Two of the original 60 turbines have already been lost due to the results of scouring.   Ships loaded with rocks, are on site along with the dredger "Ham 602" which is receiving the rocks and then dropping them where required, more ships are expected in the coming days loaded with more rocks from Norway.
North West Inshore Fisheries & Conservation Authority have acquired a new patrol vessel to replace the ageing "Solway Protector"  The 20m. long "North Western Protector" is capable of a top speed of 25 knots. The authority covers almost 800 miles of coastline between the River Dee in Cheshire to the northern end of the Solway Firth up to 6 miles offshore. The picture shows the vessel in Whitehaven a few days after her naming ceremony.
MV "Priscilla," pictured here docking at the Port of Silloth with a cargo of fertiliser from Klaipeda Lithuania two weeks after departing, a journey which would normally take about five days. The delay was caused by the ship running aground on the Pentland Skerries which is situated between the Orkney Islands and the Scottish mainland off Caithness.
Despite numerous attempts to refloat her she was stuck fast for several days and the salvage team decided the only way they could get her free would be to remove some of the cargo to lighten her. Over 1300 tons were transferred into her sister ship "Alana Evita"   This proved successful and "Priscilla" was finally removed from the rocks on the next tide and towed to a sheltered bay in Scapa Flow for inspection.
When HM Coastguard were happy that the ship appeared safe she was allowed to proceed to Silloth along with the "Alana Evita". It is thought "Priscilla" will go to a dry dock for a more detailed inspection when departing from the Cumbrian port.
An unusual visit of a ship to Kirkudbright  across on the Scottish side of the Solway Firth took place when CEG Universe arrived for a cargo of scallop shells. They are for export to Holland. Sam Kelly has recorded the arrival  here
The annual Maryport trawler race took place over the weekend in near perfect conditions. Leading the trawlers out to the start line was the Maryport Inshore Rescue boat.
Several boats came from the Isle of Man for the race. Two are pictured below.
"Free Spirit 11" from Peel
and "Ramsey Jak"
Maryport boats, "Our James"
...and, "Sincerity"
once all of the trawlers had left the Silloth Inshore Lifeboat and the Workington Lifeboat followed them out.

Local film maker Julia Parks has made an amazing short timelapse film of ships in the Solway Firth ports, watch it  here.

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