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You are looking at live data transmitted from ships moving around the coast, the map is centred on the Solway Firth in north west England. Information is provided via MarineTraffic from enthusiasts around the coast who have AIS (Automatic Identification System) recievers and upload to websites like MarineTraffic or ShipAis.etc.
No icons mean there are no ships in range or the sharer providing the data is offline. Place your cursor over the ships icon for more details. For more information on the vessel left click, also left click and hold to move the map and "+" to enlarge the map to your area of interest. Zooming in may bring up more hidden icons also. Use the buttons on the left side to customise the map and to display the legend.
What is AIS?....All ships over 300 tons must by law transmit an Automatic Identification System signal as an aid to safety, the signal shows the ships course, the speed its travelling and its size etc. Many smaller vessels such as tugboats and pilot boats now also transmit AIS.
This website concentrates on shipping visiting the Port of Workington and the Port of Silloth, also covered are Whitehaven and Maryport both former busy commercial ports but now are marina's for the leisure industry. Also a brief look at some shipping internationally.
Last update to this site, ...  11th Dec   2018                  
              Pictured below are a few of the vessels that can be seen frequently in the Solway Firth that are based at the Port of Workington.       If you have news or would like to get in touch please e-mail me at
"Dorothy May White" Workington's new Shannon Class lifeboat resuming duties after a few technical problems were discovered after her original arrival date a couple of weeks previously, she is much faster and technologically advanced than her predecessor enabling a huge reduction in the time it takes to arrive at a vessel in distress.
The Workington Pilot Boat "Derwent" can be seen pretty much on a daily basis taking the pilot to any ship docking at Workington and also to any ships going further up the Solway to Silloth and of course collecting the pilot off any departing ships. It is also a tug boat for the port.

i"C Wind Buzzard" one of the three crew transfer vessels ferrying engineers to the nearby Robin Rigg windfarm

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